This is the website of Dr Magnús Árni Skjöld Magnússon, associate professor at Bifröst University. That’s me. Or at least some aspect of me. Welcome to my site. It was originally meant as a way to present my CV and publications to academic colleagues and students and others who for whatever reason might be interested in that side of me.

But I have increasingly felt it presented a very unidimensional picture of myself and what I do and stand for. Sure, I am an academic. I teach and do research and have for almost two decades now. I trained for that at three different universities, did my PhD and a couple of master’s programs.

But I am also an experienced administrator and manager, a musician, a composer, a yogi, a consultant, an activist and last but not least the father of four fantastic kids.

As of now I am studying composition at the Iceland University of the Arts. I have also been blessed to be a part of the team that founded Women Power Africa, a small NGO empowering women in Northern Tanzania.

I live in Hafnarfjörður, a suburb of Reykjavík, Iceland, my country of birth. Iceland is a natural paradise and one of the safest and most progressive and prosperous places on Earth, where everyone is an artist of some kind and gender equality is not just a promise for the future. I am grateful for being born here, especially after having spent half a year in a military camp in Kabul, Afghanistan. The weather is actually not that bad here either. Never too warm, never too cold. Never boring.


Global challenges are my passion, not least gender equality and environmental issues. I am writing a book about that. And no, I don’t eat meat and I meditate daily. I am so grateful for having found that practice, albeit late in life.

I hope this website gives some insight into my pursuits. If you want to contact me, see here. Thank you for your visit. Namaste!